4. Characterisation of lignin based engine fuels

Lead partner: OWI

1. Characterise the Bio-HFOs developed in the IDEALFUEL project and prepare the technical data sheets;
2. Characterise the developed Bio-HFO blends and prepare the technical data sheets;
3. Benchmark the Bio-HFOs and blends to the heavy fuel oils currently used as bunker fuels;
4. Characterise the side-streams and evaluate their technical potential for other application;
5. Assess the fuel-system compatibility of the Bio-HFOs (interaction of Bio-HFO with materials, components, engine oil);
6. Analyse the ageing behaviour of Bio-HFOs as well as the effect of aging on the fuel-system compatibility;
7. Evaluation and documentation of health and safety-related aspects as well as environmental aspects of Bio-HFO fuel usage and its logistics.

1. Initial material data sheet with technical properties of the Bio-HFO and benchmark fuels [OWI – Oct 2022]
The report will include a table containing the standard requirements of marine fuels (ISO8217), the fuel properties of a standard benchmark marine fuel and the initial results (e.g. density, viscosity) of the characterization of the bio-HFOs.
2. Initial Fuel system compatibility report [T4F – Apr 2022]
The report will describe the principle behind the test setup and a conclusion of observations during the first test run.
3. Storage stability of Bio-HFO fuels [OWI – Oct 2023]
This is a report for the rapid ageing trials 1 of bio-HFO fuels regard to their relevant chemical-physical properties.
4. Report on the potential of side streams for technical applications [OWI – Oct 2023]
In this report, the determined technical properties of the side-streams e.g. CLO will be benchmarked and documented. A recommendation for potential applications and further investigation strategy will also be provided.
5. Final report on technical benchmarking of Bio-HFO for ship engines [T4F – Apr 2024]
The report will cover the technical benchmark of various Bio-HFO’s containing technical aspects like system component – fuel interaction.
6. Final Fuel-system compatibility [T4F – Apr 2024]
This final report on Fuel-system compatibility will summarize the results of Hardware-in-the-Loop test matrix performed within the project.
7. Draft Safety Data Sheet for the most optimum Bio-HFO [OWI – Apr 2024]
The report will provide a draft Safety Data Sheet for the most applicable Bio-HFOs and/or CLOs.