The 5th H2020 Biofuels workshop CINEA – 14/15 October 2021

14-15 October 2021

IDEALFUEL was invited to take part in the 5th H2020 Biofuels workshop, which was organised by CINEA for representatives of H2020 projects dealing with Biofuels.

There were 30 biofuels and alternative fuels projects invited to the workshop. Some of these projects target the same type of raw materials, use similar technologies or produce the same final fuel.

The objective of the workshop was to gather all on-going projects in the area of Biofuels together so that they had the opportunity to virtually meet each other, exchange experiences and information, present their project to relevant Commission staff and explore the possibility of collaborating and exploiting synergies between the projects in the areas of the area of project execution, dissemination and communication.

The meeting took place on the 14th and 15th of October and was fully remote. The workshop was divided into plenary sessions and parallel sessions. On Day 1 the projects were split in 2 parallel sessions to present the projects results. Additionally, on Day 2 there were discussions on synergies and joint actions.

IDEALFUEL was presented by coordinator TUE and partner VERT. You can read more about their participation here.