Participation in the International Conclave on Clean Fuels 2022

2-3 Nov 2022 in Mysuru, India

From the 2nd till the 3rd of November 2022, partners TEC4FUELS and OWI Science for Fuels participated in the International Conclave on Clean Fuels 2022. The meeting was organised by the National Institute of Engineering (NIE) in Mysuru, India.

Clean fuels are produced from a variety of feedstocks, such as agricultural residues, biomass, industrial organic waste and municipal waste. Clean fuels include liquid and gaseous alternatives to fossil fuels such as 1G and 2G Ethanol, Biodiesel, Compressed Biogas (CBG), sustainable aviation fuel, green hydrogen and many more. Carbon neutral or carbon negative fuels produce lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional fuels on a life-cycle basis. India’s clean fuel (Biofuel) targets has challenges of land allocation, feedstock supply chain issues, low-cost financing and by product valorisation and creation of innovative markets. The conclave has addressed some of these concerns and issues.

Chandra Kanth Kosuru and Dr. Klaus Lucka attended the event from TEC4FUELS, whereas Sangeetha Ramaswamy attended the event from OWI Science for Fuels. TEC4FUELS and OWI were co-organizers of the clean fuels event in NIE, Mysuru. Around 200 to 250 people attended the event.

For IDEALFUEL, TEC4FUELS has presented the IDEALFUEL project as a poster presentation. Partner OWI presented the Report 4, and aspects related to testing drop-in compatibility of marine fuels and the initial project results.

The German-Indian organisation team: OWI and TEC4FUELS presented their findings in the IDEALFUEL-project at a clean fuels conference in India.