3. Catalytic processes for the upgrade of crude lignin oil into HFO-like marine fuel

Lead partner: CSIC

1. To develop, synthesize and shape for piloting activities a robust solid catalyst, and determine optimal reaction process conditions therefor, for the hydrotreating of concentrated methanolic crude lignin oils into a biogenic fuel (after methanol and water removal by distillation) which meets the specifications of an HFO bunker fuel (ISO 8217 norm), i.e. sulfur content <0.1 wt%, flashpoint >60 °C, viscosity at fuel storage conditions (T=50 °C) <1000 mm2/s, viscosity at fuel injection conditions (T=130 °C) <15 mm2/s.
2. To produce 2 metric tons of a sulfur-free Bio-HFO which meets the specifications of an HFO bunker fuel (ISO 8217 norm) and deliver said marine fuel by M40 to WP5 for 4- and 2-stroke demonstration engine tests.

1. Report disclosing optimal catalyst composition and reaction settings for the hydrotreating of CLO feeds into a marine biofuel with HFO-like specs[CSIC – Oct 2022]
The report is going to disclose results on the solid catalyst development for hydrotreating of CLO.
2. Report on ton-scale pilot production of lignin-based HFO-like marine biofuel [VERT-Aug 2023]
The report will present a design of experiments (DOE), detail which process conditions lead to the highest yield of bio-HFO, and provide a scientific motivation why such is the case.
3. Report on Blending RECIPE [GOOD – Jan 2024]
This report will document the fuel characteristics of the biofuel produced.