Vertoro (VERT), limited liability company and micro SME, is a spin-off from an ongoing public-private partnership between Royal DSM, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Maastricht and the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Her technology is designed to convert non-edible biomass, such as wood and lignin, to so-called crude lignin oil (CLO) and is presently being piloted in the United States and the Netherlands. Vertoro is venture capital-backed and has more than 6 employees.

The R&D department will be the main department active in this project. Ancillary roles are foreseen for the business development, life cycle assessment, and marketing departments.

Vertoro is presently the only company in the world that produces a liquid lignin that is not cracked (i.e., still retains its natural functionalities (e.g., UV-B blocker, anti-oxidant, natural resin, water resistance). This crude lignin oil (CLO) thus leaves open all conceivable lignin applications. Furthermore, the CLO process doubles as a purification step, precipitating out not only undesirable solids like cellulose and ash, but also high molecular weight lignin.

For the project IDEALFUEL, Vertoro will Convert  non-edible biomass, such as wood and lignin, to so-called crude lignin oil (CLO) at lab, bench and pilot scale. Depending on the application, the solvent used can be methanol, phenol or di-,polyols, for downstream cracking, HBO to bio-HFO, phenol-formaldehyde, or polyurethane chemistry, respectively.

Country: The Netherlands