Varo Energy (VARO) is a privately owned company, one of the leading companies in the area of road fuel distribution and inland bunkering business, active in Benelux, France, Germany, Switzerland and more recently Spain, it is owning (a majority of) two inland oil Refineries, involved in logistics and storage with approx. 44 terminal own storage locations thru-out NW Europe (2,8 mln m3 of own storage capacity).
In most locations with respect to road fuels Varo is the party which is responsible for the blending obligations in these countries.

Biggest inland bunkering supplier for the NW European river system with approx. 60% of market share and already active in the delivery of voluntary delivery of bio-based maritime fuel mix. Varo is also bunkering for the maritime market in the ARA region and Hamburg and is since 2018involved in blending Bio blend of maritime fuel for interested clients.

VARO will be mainly involved in the logistical issues , market benchmarking and advisory on the quality side of the project, apart from possible delivery of some of the base fuels for blend testing (HFO etc.) It is also responsible for the delivery of fossil HFO for the benchmarking and blending of the new lignin based  Bio fuel mixtures.

Country: The Netherlands