With around 6,000 employees, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS) is one of the world’s leading marine companies and a systems provider in submarine and surface shipbuilding as well as maritime electronics and security technology. Over 180 years of history and the constant pursuit of improvements are the basis for the company’s success in constantly setting new standards. thyssenkrupp Marine Systems offers customized solutions for highly complex challenges in a changing world. The driving forces behind this are the employees of the company, who shape the future of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems with passion and commitment every day.

Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems primary tasks in this project are the evaluation of consequences of the usage of the synthetic fuels onboard ships and supporting the process of acknowledging the fuels at IMO. For that purpose, tkMS will investigate the need for safety measures in the fuel systems of ships according to the fuel characteristics. Based on that, proposals for a safe shipside fuel system will be made, which fulfills the requirements of the relevant regulatory bodies (IMO, CESNI).

The research and development department of tkMS comprises of experts for all areas of shipbuilding and operation. Handling of new fuels is a work item since more than ten years. Safe design of fuel systems is a key knowledge since decades.

Country: Germany