TEC4FUELS (T4F) is a SME acting as a provider of technical services conducting research and development concerning technical products, systems and energy carriers, and their application in the energy market for fuels and lubricants. That comprises the testing of operability and performance under realistic conditions. TEC4FUELS supports customers in the following fields: Testing (quality control by fit-for-purpose-testing of technical components as well as fuels and lubricants and their blends), Fuel check (quality control of fuels in emergency power supply systems), Engineering (transfer of technologies derived from the fundamental research into application, from proof-of concept up to prototyping), and Consulting (technological consulting, technology assessment, data mining, risk assessment, numerical simulation).

TEC4FUELS is responsible for development and optimization of Hardware-in-the-Loop-Testing of fuel-leading parts. Finally, prove of concept will to be provided by means of long-term component and material operability (interaction with bio-HFO) under realistic conditions. This test concept has proven to provide accelerated testing under realistic conditions while keeping the fuel consumption low at the same time.

Website: www.tec4fuels.com
Country: Germany