GoodFuels (GOOD), a Dutch based company, accelerates the transition towards zero emission by developing and commercializing sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels. Having been a true pioneer and market leader ever since 2015, GoodFuels has supplied the road and shipping sector with innovative and sustainable fuels such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil and more recently its ground breaking Bio-Fuel Oil, a 100% replacement of the polluting heavy fuel oil. With these products, GoodFuels has truly triggered and accelerated the transition towards fossil-free transportation.

In transportation different modalities have different options for decarbonization. At GoodFuels, our aim is to focus on those segments that do not have many alternatives (yet). Therefore it focusses on heavy road-based applications (trucking, construction machinery, public transport) and water-borne applications (dredging, maritime transport, ferries, cruise sector).

To ensure the product(s) maintain of the highest quality and meet the latest sustainability standards GoodFuels has installed an independent sustainability board, consisting of academia and NGO’s, that provide continuous advice and guidance towards the sustainability of the products. Next to sales and marketing of advanced biofuels, GoodFuels is is actively involved in the development of the next generation biofuels, focusing on e.g. lignocellulosic and waste based feedstock and thermochemical conversion technologies.

In IDEALFUEL, GoodFuels will be involved in Market Uptake and sustainability and environmental impact. Furthermore GoodFuels is responsible for setting up a blending recipe and will support with the Characterisation of lignin based engine fuels determining the properties for lignin based fuel. The partner will also be responsible for the Industrial Stakeholder Board. The Board has an absolute vital role as experts to validate the results of the IDEALFUEL project.

Country: The Netherlands