IDEALFUEL first review meeting – by the European Commission

27 January 2022 – Online

The first official period of the IDEALFUEL project has been finalized, and the EC conducted its project review with the IDEALFUEL partners. During the online review meeting, the partners provided the EC officer with an update on the technical and scientific progress in the first 18 months of the project, and could answer questions related to the work planned for the next project year.

At the moment, the project has some minor delays due to the COVID19, but overall there are no major setbacks in the project’s progress. The project officer was enthusiastic about the commitment of the partners and noticed that the project has already made some significant results. Therefore, it will be important to remain on track of future results and to notify the officer in case of delays.

All in all, the review meeting was a success, and the project has received a green light to keep moving forward.