7. Dissemination, communication and preparative exploitation activities

Lead partner: UNR

1. Set-up and maintenance of adequate dissemination and external communication activities;
2. To prepare a set of dissemination material including presentations, a final brochure and a flyer;
3. To promote the utilization of the project results both within as well as outside the project consortium through a complete exploitation plan;
4. Set-up proper channels for knowledge protection;
5. Set-up and follow-up of adequate (preparative) exploitation activities;
6. Evaluation of social and environmental impacts relevant for the implementation of Bio-HFO fuel as marine fuel;
7. Evaluation of technical and economic aspects; efficiencies and costs /competitiveness compared to fossil fuels and other technologies;
8. Evaluation of HSE aspects of Bio-HFO fuel usage and its logistics;
9. Business development and case studies;
10. A sounding board, consisting out of representatives from authorities, policymakers, logistics of freight and industry is formed which guides and advices the process of defining the recommendations for implementation of the results and measures developed within the IDEALFUEL project.

1. Data Management Plan[TUe – Oct 2020]
This is a report outlining how the research data collected or generated will be handled during and after completion of the research project.
2. Corporate Identity: Project website, Flyer, etc [UNR – Apr 2021]
Provide the necessary tools and material to inform a broad stakeholder base. This includes the establishment of a project “corporate” identity with project website and supporting dissemination material
3. Dissemination plan [UNR – Apr 2021]
A Dissemination and Awareness Plan (DAP) describing the audience, goals and how it will be implemented. Furthermore, in due course success indicators and monitoring is being implemented.
4. Exploitation Plan [VERT – Apr 2024]
This report will present a clear path to market for the bio-HFO product, along with a viable business case, thereby also outlining the various commercial benefits for the individual project partners.